ROOF REJUV! What is one of the most expensive projects for homeowners? Replacing shingles or even an entire roof. No one wants to do that but a roof over our head is a basic-necessity. So, what is the solution? ROOF REJUV is ECO-FRIENDLY


It is applied topically via a spray. The product penetrates the asphalt shingles. Roof Rejuv replenishes the fine oils that have been depleted due to oxidation and harsh climate conditions. Test results prove that Roof Rejuv:

  • dries clear and gives shingles like new pliability

  • resists hail and wind damage

  • reduces water permeability up to 97%

  • is environmentally safe

Roof Rejuv is recommended for use on roofs 5 years and older.


Roof Rejuv is a plant based spray on solution used to treat asphalt shingles that dries clear. Applying the proprietary solution every 5 years will lengthen the lifespan of a shingle roof 10-15 years depending upon treatments. Roof Rejuv is engineered to rejuvenate and strengthen asphalt shingles. The product contains over 90% agricultural-based oils combined with a polymer. Roof Rejuv restores old, brittle shingles by bringing back their flexibility, i.e. the ability to expand and contract, making them just like new.

Watch our video!

Watch our video

Our Process


A certified technician applies the product.


The application takes less than two hours.


There are no harmful side effects to the environment or property owners.


The spray solution dries clear.


Each application extends the life of your roof up to 5 years, 3 treatments can extend the life of your roof 15 years.


There is a 5-year transferable warranty that comes with the product.

So, if you have concerns about the condition of your roof, don’t replace it, ROOF REJUV IT.
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What Our Customers Say

Roof Rejuv is a Godsend and we are so thankful that we found out about your product to renew and extend the life of a roof! Your service is very affordable and now we don’t have to worry about my parents being stuck with a huge bill to replace their roof anytime soon! You can’t imagine the relief this provides to my husband and I and also to my parents who are retired and on a fixed income.

Also, it was impressive with how smooth, efficient & clean your operation really was – there was no mess or clean up afterwards!

So I just wanted to say thank you again Chris, my parents are thrilled with their roof and think that your product made their roof glimmer! And I know they also feel a sense of relief that they don’t have such an expensive undertaking hanging over their head anymore knowing that Roof Rejuv has extended the life of their roof!

Many blessings,
Rick & Bobbi Latshaw


Hail Damage Test

There were no failures of the Roof Rejuv treated new and old asphalt shingles.


Roof Rejuv has shown to decrease water infiltration/vapor through the used shingles by 97%.

Pliability Test

There were no failures in the Roof Rejuv treated used asphalt shingles proving Roof Rejuv completely rejuvenated the shingles and dries clear.

Impact Resistance

Treated asphalt shingles had 84% more aggregate retention over the untreated old shingle samples.