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UL2218- Impact Resistance
(Hail Damage Test)

There were no failures of the BioRejuv treated new and old asphalt shingles. The untreated new and old asphalt shingle exhibited multiple failures.

ASTME96- Water Vape or transmission
(Water Proofing or Sealing)

BioRejuv has shown to decrease water infiltration/vapor through the used shingles by 97%. This proves BioRejuv rejuvenated and sealed the old asphalt shingles.

ASTMD3462- Pliability Test

There were no failures in the BioRejuv treated used asphalt shingles proving BioRejuv completely rejuvenated the shingles.

Failures existed with the untreated used asphalt shingles. Cracking was evident in many samples of the untreated shingles.

ASTM D4977- Displaced Granules

The treated used asphalt shingles had 84% more granule retention over the untreated old shingle samples.